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The Other Side - A New Musical
Invicible Rendering_1022  cropped.jpg

 Book by Stacey Luftig and Keah Brown

Music by Mark Sonnenblick

Lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick, Stacey Luftig and Keah Brown

Based on the novel by Sally Rosenberg ​

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​New synopsis coming soon

Past Shows

Gettin' The Band Back Together

Mitch Papadopolous just turned 40.

And thanks to the recent financial crisis, he just got fired.

An out-of-work investment banker with no place to go, Mitch heads back to the one place he swore he’d never go back to . . . and moves back in with his Mom . . . in New Jersey.

On his first day back in town, he runs into his best friend from high school who suggests that they “get the band back together.”

Mitch thinks his buddy is crazy. But when his arch nemesis from high school threatens to foreclose on his house unless he agrees to a re-match of their infamous battle of the bands . . . Mitch realizes he may have no choice.

So he grabs his buddies – the high school math teacher who isn’t very good at math, the police officer who dreams about being an actor, an Indian dermatologist, and a 16 year old Jewish kid who wants to be a rap star – and grabs his guitar to give his dream one more shot.

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